The Significance of the Insignificant – Sunday PM – 3/15/20 – Pastor Royalty

The Significance of the Insignificant – Sunday PM – 3/15/20 – Pastor Royalty

In the evening service, Pastor Royalty returns to the series, “In the Shadow of the Cross”.  This series focuses on events from the final week of Jesus’ earthly life.  If you missed any part of the series, it began on March 1, 2020. You’ll find the sermons on this website.

We begin by sitting with Jesus at the outer court of the Temple. There were 13 trumpet-like vases, each for a certain part of the Temple ministry. Jesus is watching people place their offerings in the trumpets, and He notices a widow as she deposits 2 “mites”. (A mite is a very small amount – today it would be a fraction of a penny.) This is significant because it’s all the money she has. She gave it without reservation or recognition – she quietly gave her all to  God. This was so significant, that Jesus called the disciples over to discuss it.

Jesus explained she gave more than anyone in the crowd, because it truly was all she had, which was far more than anyone else had done. Her action was definitely significant just by the fact that we continue to teach it today.

Other areas of significance in our lives include our physical and emotional suffering, our sacrifices, our service to the Lord, our souls and our sins.

Listen and enjoy as Pastor Royalty explains the significance of your life!

Scripture References ~ Mark k12:41-44 ~ 2 Corinthians 4:17 ~ Matthew 10:42 ~ Hebrews 6:10 ~ Luke 16:10 ~ Mark 8:36 ~ Isaiah 59:2 ~