Why Should I Fear God? – Sunday AM – 3/15/20 – Pastor Royalty

Why Should I Fear God? – Sunday AM – 3/15/20 – Pastor Royalty

Pastor Royalty uses this message to address the current situation we face today –  fear of the CoronaVirus.

Good news! God is in control. This virus was no surprise to Him. However, to us, life is very uncertain and we can’t control things that happen. We also can’t control this virus and where it will or will not strike – but we can control our reaction to it.

First, learn to trust God implicitly! Trust God because of His infinite power, wisdom and love. We need to trust Him also because it’s impossible to go through life alone. We may have sins on our hearts, and we need to fear the holy wrath God can unleash upon us. The best way to develop a healthy fear of God is by learning His Word – Scripture. We need to learn it for ourselves and then teach others; we need to live Godly lives and lead by example.

Fear of God produces a sound mind and true wisdom. We learn to value what God values, to desire what God offers, and to relinquish our sinful ways.  By doing so, we develop superior morality and a sense of strong confidence; we receive special blessings by walking in fear of the Lord.

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